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Your Story Deserves to Be Told Well

Stories have a unique power to transform people, to expose them to new modes of thinking, to make them more empathetic, to give them hope and ease their suffering. Story craft helps you tap into that power.

Engage Readers

The first step in getting through to readers is to fill a story with tension and make it hard to set down.

Move Readers Emotionally

But if you want to really move readers, you have to understand how to reach them emotionally.

I Can Help

Writing is a social activity; sometimes, you need others to help you create the best stories you can. I specialize in helping writers make their story craft engaging and emotionally moving.


The ever-growing number of online video courses provides a more hands-on explanation of story craft than a craft book can offer. And I offer personalized coaching as well.


It's hard to beat personalized feedback on something you've already written. Click through for information on the kinds of editing offered and my rates.


The blog offers a robust library of resources on everything from line-level craft to story essentials to writer attitude. Read a few articles to get a feel for my approach.

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When you enroll (for free), you get access to a starter kit, which will orient you to the emphases of Storm Writing School, and which will aid you in identifying your areas of greatest need. You'll also have the option of receiving my biweekly newsletter. All who sign up for the newsletter get a free booklet with four lessons on creating tension.

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Meet Your Instructor

My name is TD Storm. I taught in a public high school for 15 years before getting my MFA in Writing from Pacific University and moving on to work with adults. I've won awards for both my teaching and my writing. My work has appeared a number of journals and anthologies, including Black Warrior Review, Copper Nickel, Short Story America, and Literary Hub. I currently teach and edit both here in my online school and through the University of Wisconsin. Check out the video below to meet me.

Why work with me?

A Teacher's Approach

Teaching is my passion and my vocation. I've been doing it for 20 years, so I don't come to it as an afterthought. It's on my mind with every story I read, and I'm constantly thinking and re-thinking about how best to illuminate successful story craft.

Know What You'll Get

It's just me here. All the craft knowledge you see on the site is from me and when you sign up to take a class or work with me, you won’t get farmed out to some other editor or teacher.

Challenge + Empathy

I'm tough but compassionate. In my editing, I'm honest and constructively critical. But I'm not here to bully you or impress you with my knowledge. I'll be hard on you because I believe your story deserves to be told well.

Your Writing Remains Yours

I want you to tell your story. I'm not interested in changing your style or your voice. I'm interested in making your story as powerful as it can be. I always encourage dialogue and I approach authority--even my own--with healthy skepticism.

What people are saying

"Tim Storm is a master teacher who uses brilliant tactics to help his students internalize concepts. Tim’s goal is to teach writers to be skilled creators, equipping them with what they need to know in order to conjure meaningful, satisfying stories. In his courses, Tim’s every sentence resonates with careful craftsmanship, tuned for graspability, down to each individual word."

Tricia Wagner

Author, Where Fish Can Breathe

“I am always amazed that Tim can take gut-level issues and raise them to literate, reproducible consciousness. Tim always takes the time to listen, learn someone’s voice and their intentions, and help them say what they want to say in the most effective way. He respects the writer’s voice and goals so no one ever sees his footprint in the work. It’s evident that he truly loves to help people make their work better.”

Teria Robens

Author, What the Mirror Sees, winner the 2015-2016 African American Arts Alliance of Chicago’s Black Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Literature-Fiction

“Nothing gets past Tim Storm. Working with editors over the years, sometimes you want to test your crafting abilities and let a crazy sentence fly—abstraction, too much telling, piling on unnecessary details—and you can, for the most part, get away with it. Not with Tim. This guy’s got a heck of a head on him. He sniffs out everything. Astute, rigorous, and generous; and it’s all in service of improving the piece and strengthening your voice.”

Josh Cook

Book Critic, Minneapolis-Star Tribune

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